Changing emails is a pain!

Recently I discovered a reason you may not get a job is because of your email title. Without listing all of it, part of my title for business was ROGUE, named after a game I once played with that title. But in English it means some type of dashing, mischievous person or a dishonest person or even a wild, out-of-control animal. Guess I know why some places do not hire me now! Who me?

So I had to create a new professional one, had a few sites for job-related stuff like searching and advice I transferred to it.

But next I had to deal with my personal account, originally Netscape but now owned by AOL. Recently anything I delete went to the Deleted Items folder then if I empty it, it would all disappear only to come back! Angry smile I discovered that Windows Mail and now Live Mail send stuff to Deleted Items but AOL accounts use Trash. So what happens is when I dump the Deleted Items, they go to Trash where they get copied and sent back to Deleted Items.

Not wanting this, my former work email is now going to be personal and then I will get rid of the Netscape/AOL forever.

But now I find out how many places I have registered to over the years. Some of these accounts just have to go, there are too many to keep up with. And with how many there are, this may take a few days. Sleepy smile I cannot believe how many places I am registered to but have not been to in so long.

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