Inventing New Words

Over several years, I keep noticing words in language that I never heard before or new ways to use existing ones, some just defy understanding.

One example of a new word is Disingenuous. I do not know who came up with this bit of nonsense, I keep hearing it used at times when someone might use a word like bull**** so it looks more like a fancy way to avoid censorship rather than normal English. Eye rolling smile

Another is the use of Fail regarding possible blunders. One of the main and very annoying uses of this word is when someone screams it in large capital letters or puts some stupid picture in about a Fail in a discussion. Annoyed

Hater is yet another, this popular belief that if someone does not agree with your belief or point of view on something, that person is labeled a Hater. Hate is pretty strong so to label someone a Hater for a simple disagreement or difference comes across as an ignorant thing to say.  I also find the use of Hater annoying because it perverts perception by trying to make someone look like something they are not showing that perception and the manipulation of it have become too much a part of our lives.  There are only two things I currently can honestly say I hate, terrorism and the idiots who tried to kill me and harm someone I cared about back in 1993. If someone claims I hate something else, they are just flat out lying, if I hate something, I know how to express it myself. Sarcastic smile

It never ceases to be amazing at how language is used like this. But one bright spot to come out of it all is that I have found myself able to invent my own two words for something that has annoyed me for some time, those words are Politicist and Politicism.

Politicism is the political form of racism, blind hatred against someone for being part of a political party.
Politicist is someone who practices Politicism.

I plan to use these terms a lot. Winking smile

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1 Response to Inventing New Words

  1. Dr Ken says:

    Disingenuous, is and has been, a proper word for many years see
    Problem is, it has five syllables, three more than most of our young phoenetic texters and illiterates can properly assimilate.


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