Dating / Adult Meeting Sites Part 1

I just do not understand these.

And yes, I did try a couple mainly out of curiosity.

First one I tried had more people using chat rooms and posting long stories complaining of their meetings than any other activity. I spent time there occasionally because I was too busy with work at the time but since nothing much went on besides those two things I eventually left.

Then I tried another one several months later. I did not have time to fill out the profile properly so I put what I call placeholder information to fix later, for example I wrote in description something like, “Just looking for now, will fill out this profile more later.” Not even a picture.

What happened next was pretty weird and scary.

Suddenly I got BOMBARDED with women who wanted to contact me. First thing I thought of was that if these women wanted to meet me based on little information and no picture, did I really want to meet them? Honestly whether someone is looking for a relationship or even casual, there still are various factors that decide whether you like someone or not. I would have thought in this day with all the Internet predator warnings plus figuring people would make smart decisions that no one would respond to a barely filled out profile with no picture but here came all these offers as if they were saying, “I don’t care if you are a predator, come get me!” I do not mind meeting someone but the manner just put me off so I killed that account the next day.

I am not sure if I would ever try one of these things again after that last time.

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