Stop de-sensitizing and rewriting history!

OK, I know some things have changed in today’s world from what was past but trying to change the past to match the present is pathetic.

The big complaint here is what I recently read, that two of Mark Twain’s novels, ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ and ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, are being re-written in new versions solely to replace all use of the word nigger with slave.

Yes, modern day use of the word nigger is deemed offensive. However, in order for a writer to convey his thoughts and ideas, whether in fiction or non-fiction, he has to be able to use words not to offend but to convey something specific.

Regarding Twain’s two books, use of the word nigger was done not to offend rather it represents the mentality and behavior of people from that era. Replacing it changes the picture a reader will get of how things were. It is like re-writing history such as saying that the Nazis were great (they weren’t) and we should have welcomed them, America should have remained with England instead of Revolting, man evolved straight from sunflowers rather than previous mammals, I could list numerous other examples.

The fragile, overly sensitive who are incapable of comprehending the mistake they are making have even gone so far as to cyber-bully anyone who disagrees with them. Roger Ebert made one of those ‘Tweet’ comments about it that encouraged a bunch of fascists to bully him into an apology.

I fear what other parts of history and freedom of speech will get changed.

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