Dating / Adult Meeting Sites Part 2

First question.

If you are a male, why would you create a profile claiming to be female? MAYBE there are a small number of those who wish, feel or whatever they were of the opposite sex but still what about the rest. What point is there to pretending to be someone you are not?

Second question.

How the heck do you actually enjoy cybersex? You get in a chat or email exchange, talk sex, then leave. Where’s the fun? Like a friend used to say, when you are done you are still alone in real life. Wouldn’t you rather be with a real person?

Third question.

In this day, why do some sites have so little in the way of protecting their users? There is almost no effort from some meeting sites that keeps users safe from the freaks and criminals out there. I am simply amazed at how anyone can easily set up one of these sites and just let all hell loose.

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1 Response to Dating / Adult Meeting Sites Part 2

  1. Stella says:

    It is not anyone’s job to police others. Nor is it a website’s job to make everyone behave. Not in person, and not on facebook. Let any ‘crazy’ with an idea just go for it. Then when all us smart sensible people ignore it, the site will fail and be forgotten. It is YOUR job to keep yourself safe from ‘freaks’. No one elses.

    And the fact that some like cybersex is not really that nuts of an idea, my dear. Many people call phonesex lines. It’s a booming business. Same thing. Plus I am sure that in many cases, the cybersexer WOULD like to be with a real person, but it’s hard to find someone decent enough to actually have sex with, so they may need to span some miles (esp when traveling) to get with the one they want.


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