Before I have to shoot someone….

For the past several years, there have been a group of teenagers in my area (Arden Heights) causing problems by screaming at me that I committed some crime I did not commit. They have done this whenever I am walking in the area either for exercise or to go somewhere like a store, they do it on foot or in vehicles. Been going on for several years. I even wrote down a few of the vehicles descriptions and got license plate #s so I could get something done about this.

This summer they are stepping up to threats of violence. Once in the Arden Heights shopping plaza one started acting hostile telling the other he was with, “I’m gonna take care of this right now,” and followed me for a bit trying to provoke a fight. Earlier today I go to a store and on the way I run into two wearing orange jackets marked LIFEGUARD, one starts intentionally moving in my way. I move around him, he follows me then shoves me in the head. Starts running his mouth again about something I did not do, I told him to call the police if he has proof. He said he didn’t need them. His friend tried to get him to leave but he stood there trying (badly) to act like some kind of tough guy with his stare before leaving. Got his first name from that incident.

I’m not going to put up with a bunch of slime harassing me over something that didn’t happen. If they or anyone else wants to push it let them call the cops if they believe they are right. Otherwise they can go find something else to do with their time.

I have had enough of their garbage. This is in the same neighborhood where the WWII vet had his flag burned, three fires were set in the nearby park and teenagers have been causing trouble around PS4 with drugs, sex and drinking.

I have decided to make these punks ‘famous,’ and I will follow whatever means I have to use to stop them. This will include recording all details about them (I can provide decent descriptions of a few along with some vehicle information), making them ‘famous’ through whatever media I need to use, contacting police, and if they wish to continue pushing self-defense including but not limited to use of force.

I’m not putting up this stupidity. I might post their vehicle and descriptions here soon if this keeps up. Don’t waste my time on respecting their rights or anything, I have rights too including not getting threatened by a bunch of lowlifes with false accusations.

This type of garbage has gotten out of control all over.

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