Why I will never support Legalizing Marijuana

There have been many stories regarding this subject and I am putting into writing why I am never going to be supporting this because I have gotten tired of the ‘other side.’ Following are a list of false arguments presented by various people I have seen who support legalization, not given in any order of priority.

1 – Legalizing marijuana brings lots of revenue and eliminate debt, that was why several states in the USA did so.

False – Overwhelmingly almost all states have debts right now, some extremely large and some with record debt. This includes states that have legalized marijuana such as California, one of the top 5 state debts in the nation, and New Jersey. The debts of states that have legalized marijuana disproves this position.

2 – Legalizing marijuana will stop the waste spent on the War on Drugs.

False – It is the people who wasted this money by NOT supporting it. If you take a lackadaisical attitude towards the efforts against drugs, that doesn’t make spending or governments at fault. There is a thing called personal responsibility and that puts the fault on those who refused to stand against marijuana use.

3 – Marijuana is a harmless substance and a victimless crime, it makes users less violent and aggressive.

False – It has been proven marijuana has victims and makes people more hostile in certain situations. There have been many stories proving this, some will be shown later. Other times marijuana makes people relaxed and lazy that is acknowledged by supporters, an attitude that does not work in some job fields thus unqualifying them for certain types of work therefore cutting down the ability to get employment. But there are times when marijuana users have become violent, also there have been times when women have sex when they don’t want to as ‘trade’ for marijuana. People do die from smoking pot.

4 – Alcohol is legal and a more dangerous substance.

Congratulations, you just made the case for why marijuana should never be legalized because clearly if made legal, marijuana would also become a MORE dangerous substance just like alcohol. Further, the historical prohibition of alcohol has been used by supporters to claim marijuana should be legalized, you cannot cherry pick what parts of alcohol’s history you use to support your argument.

5 – Legalizing marijuana will serve as a better option to alcohol and drug abuse.

Please, that just proves marijuana is addictive. Replacing one addiction with another is still an addiction, not a cure. Further there is proof people are getting bogus prescriptions already to get marijuana in states that legalized it much like the other drug abuse problem so you will actually add another drug to the list of the drug abuse problem going on.

6 – Teenagers drive slower on it.

Nope, sorry, I have personally known teenagers who smoked and drive fast still to this day. I also know teenagers who drive fast who don’t, point is driving fast is an interest like other things (sports, arts, etc.) that’s why some people like NASCAR and other racing sports.

7 – Users are only introduced to other drugs because the drug dealer makes them available. Legalize it, it is out of the users hands.

That’s funny AND wrong. Remember the argument about alcohol and prohibition? When trying to legalize alcohol, the same thing was said and look where that is now, heck the marijuana supporters claim alcohol is dangerous so you just supported the other side AGAIN by cherry picking.

8 – Legalizing it removes the criminal element.

Wrong again. Strip clubs are legal yet how many have ties to organized crime? Guns are legal yet there is a criminal element to that. You will not remove criminals by legalizing marijuana, you just provide more business fronts for them to acquire money to fund their illegal activities. This is especially true in regards to the cartels in Mexico, there are many reports of how much marijuana they try to get across the border and the Border Patrol has not been able to stop all of it. Interstates are used as pipelines to send the ‘product’ all the way to northern states and into Canada. Legalizing marijuana would let these shipments continue thus extending the use of these shipments and sales to fund the violence going on in Mexico.

9 – One item not mentioned by supporters that should be regards second, third and so on smoke. I’m sure everyone knows about that argument relating to cigarettes and why we have a lot of No Smoking areas today, well the same thing would happen if marijuana was legalized. Users would light up and the smoke will offend people, users will think getting others high is funny but it isn’t. Soon regulations will happen to restrict the effects of marijuana smoke on others eventually boxing them into the same spot where cigarette smokers are today except some of those cigarette smokers who don’t like marijuana will take exception and marijuana smokers who don’t like cigarettes will too so now all the Designated Smoking Areas will have to be split between cigarettes and marijuana like North and South Korea with a No Smoking DMZ between them.

10 – Those against legalization have a phony set of moral beliefs.

False – Ironically it is the supporters who have phony morals. Isn’t one of the claims by supporters about Individual Rights, a person’s right to choose for themselves? Yet if someone chooses under such rights to not support legalization, the phony morality of the supporters comes out. Accusations of Murder, ‘Being Right Wing Christian Extremists,’ Heartless and similar don’t prove legalizing is moral, it actually prove supporters immoral just by making phony stereotypical accusations.

11 – Those against legalization are trying to save The Children and that’s a phony argument.

No, using The Children in this manner by supporters proves they have little to stand on. Alcohol got legalized and yet The Children have access, same with cigarettes, they are even having sex at younger ages. Drop The Children nonsense, it doesn’t work when they illegally gain access to all three of those legal items as well as illegal stuff like marijuana, saving The Children is a separate argument.

True stories I have known not from reading or studying but real life and people I have met. Real life trumps any study for me.

Story 1 – I have known someone who died from marijuana, a cousin of mine. He started using in his teens then supposedly cleaned up and quit. He went on to join the Coast Guard and start a family. Then I heard he died. When I attended the funeral I remember the stories I heard where close family said he died from a marijuana OD though publicly they told non-family members it was a heart attack.

Not only is this story true, it shows something some people including marijuana supporters are not aware of. Suicides for a long time and sometimes still to this day are usually covered up, not by the government or secret societies, but by PEOPLE. That means not only did my cousin die from marijuana, there may be others who did as well, you just don’t know because such stories get covered up by PEOPLE. They do this because of the human desire to give the dead some dignity and let this part of their lives end but by doing it in this way keep the truth from the larger population.

Story 2 – I knew a few other relatives and their friends who used marijuana, they had behavior exhibited while on the drug that they did not show much of off the drug. Tendencies towards more violence, abuse and hostility plus paranoid beliefs they were being targeted by ‘secret organizations.’ I know this because I was one of their targets. I would get accused of being in plots to destroy all white people (I’m white) and other weirdness in addition to physical and social abuse, on a few occasions they even claimed they planned to kill me because for the men in the group, it meant ‘more money and sex for them since I would be dead,’ and they almost got to try since they kept testing the limits of what illegal activity they could get away with. The list is way too long for this story but it is pretty clear marijuana causes such problems.

Story 3 – I knew a guy in the military, he admitted he used marijuana before but after joining had quit. For this time he seemed pretty normal but then it was revealed he secretly had started again, the revelation came after he failed a drug test. As he started using again he also started becoming unhinged. He got more hostile with others at times ranting about government plots to destroy him and provoking fights with others even his  friends. He got committed twice, one of those times he actually bragged about how much ‘fun’ it was to be in a padded room. Eventually he found a military doctor who gave him a profile (a type of military prescription relating not to drugs but behavior) that allowed him to be as insulting as he wanted and went around intentionally trying to provoke anyone including NCOs and officers through false claims of them being murderers and other things, all this happened during peacetime in the 1990s. He was supposed to get discharged but kept causing problems that procedure required the military charge him for so they had to keep extending his time in service just to keep the paperwork going to charge him for- each new problem he caused.

To be fair, there have been a few I have known who used (I don’t know if they sti-ll do) marijuana who were not violent or crazy but they are outweighed by the number I have met who have or worse. So there is no way I could ever support marijuana no matter what anyone says.

I may have missed a small number of points I once addressed elsewhere so this may be updated at a later time but have covered most of it if not all and have worked on this for a long time.

EDIT – Added 9-22-2013

After a little over a year, some discussions since then have created another reason I do not support legalization of marijuana as I first stated here:

12 – One of the biggest blunders in legalizing is the constant belief of claiming science supports it. This proves science has failed us.

When I learned about science, part of it included that science was supposed to benefit mankind. When I look at science today I don’t see that. That is a subject worthy of its own blog in fuller detail but for now I have to ask why science spent so much time trying to legalize a recreational substance while ignoring other, more pressing issues. AIDS still has no cure, neither does Diabetes, Ebola, Parkinson’s, there is a big list. Do a search for ‘illnesses with no cure’ then ask why all the so called scientists did not put searching for cures as a priority over legalizing a recreational substance. When recreation trumps saving a life, humanity has failed massively.

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3 Responses to Why I will never support Legalizing Marijuana

  1. Dan says:

    Nobody has ever died solely from consuming marijuana. It is physically impossible to consume the amount needed to “overdose” on marijuana. This makes me know you are very simple minded. It takes 300,000 times the dose to be consumed at once to kill a person. (Meaning you would have to consume about 800 pounds at one time.) The exact number is on erowid.org. Almost all of your points are opinions and not facts
    . A heart attack has absolutely nothing to do with the marijuana contributing to the death. More people overdose on Caffeine, Tylenol, and other OTC drugs in a year than people than have “ever overdosed on marijuana.” Skateboarding, using power tools, and numerous daily activities you participate in are much more dangerous than a plant. A plant…you know, nature.Your “God” or whatever higher power you worship put that plant here. Nothing is done to the plant after it is grown in order to achieve effects, such as coca plants to produce cocaine or opium pods to make morphine. I am sorry but you really should read some facts about marijuana, how it helps cancer patients such as my grandmother, insomniacs such as myself, They make vaporizers now a days so you don’t even actually smoke it if you don’t want to. Or you can cook with it into butter, brownies, cakes, the list is endless. You are really misinformed. I’m sorry. Hemp was the material used on the original American flag,the first pair of Levi’s jeans, and still til this day it is used by the NAVY to construct the strongest rope. Mass propaganda was released in the 40s because hemp would have overthrown the fiber industry….. Marijuana is more American then baseball..


  2. djmatticus says:

    You bring up some interesting topcis. One comment though – I’m pretty sure that marijuana isn’t legal in CA – we have “legal” dispenceries for people who have a prescirption for medicinal purposes – but it isn’t legal for all to consume like WA and CO states just recently voted for. (Yes, I know the prescription angle is a joke because it isn’t too difficult to find a doctor willing to write prescriptions for almost anything when asked.)


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