Recent revealed truth about Democrats and the Occupy Movement

Ever since the 2012 elections, Democrats have talked a lot of hate speech seemingly under the impression they not only won, they destroyed Republicans so badly that the only party left in America is the Democratic party. Just to be clear, I am not a member of any political party, proof: I refuse to be in any party because I always find things I don’t believe in as part of what they are about, since the NYC voter form allows me to choose to be in no party, that is what I am. I also like it because it is similar to when the USA was founded, no parties just people being who they were.

Anyhow, this past week a couple of items show that a certain movement has failed in their approach. The whole push to tax the wealthy of finance more and raise minimum wages has resulted in 2 changes showing that failure.

First, financial firms are leaving New York due to high city and state taxes heading for Palm Beach county in Florida. In their new location, they have the benefit of no state taxes and less expensive real estate. This is a loss for New York state and city along with a blow for the whole nonsense of Occupy and Michael Moore.

But it gets worse.

While almost a year old, this story still goes on. Filming for the entertainment industry is moving into New York City more and more, encouraged by tax breaks that benefit the wealthy of that industry. Further, there are some jobs in entertainment where they pay you NOTHING, no minimum wage at all. I know because both a sister of mine and myself looked into this line of work once, a prime example is extra work that usually involves scenes where you have people in shots but not really having speaking parts, they are just there to fill out the look of the shoot. Plenty of times these crowds of people, small and large, get no pay at all for what they do. Makes you wonder what all the people who push for a minimum wage have to say about that though I have yet to hear anything.

Combined, New York City and state is losing business and jobs from finance including jobs with minimum wages and tax revenue and getting in return business with no minimum wages and tax breaks. Looking at this reality, I have to wonder just how the Democrats, Occupy and that fool Michael Moore can claim to have accomplished anything especially with the constant claims I hear how New York City is such a prime example of the greatness of the beliefs of the Democrat party. Is this their greatness, no minimum wage jobs and tax breaks for the wealthy? How come Occupy did not Occupy Hollywood pushing for taxes on their wealthy and minimum wages for all? I honestly wait for intelligent answers.

Don’t forget the filming move means lost tax revenue for Los Angeles and California, another area of Democrat strength that now suffers. I don’t see victory in any of this.

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