Other problems with MechWarrior Online

Some other items I have noticed that I believe are wrong with MWO.

1 – Autocannons are Nothing like the Name.

Look up the definition of what Autocannons are, basically they are machine guns using much higher caliber and thus larger rounds. So when they fire they shoot multiple rounds at a target in a burst. But MWO treats these as single shot weapons like a siege cannon, the only Ballistic weapon that should work like that in the time frame is the Gauss. I would rather have the machine gun effect and hear the rapid firing of multiple shells being shot at the target.

2 – Lasers do Splash Damage.

Previous games both MechWarrior and MechCommander had lasers fire in a short beam or at times like a Ballistic shot that did all their damage to one spot. For some reason unknown MWO changed this so lasers can do less damage ‘splashed’ across the target unless you use Pulse Lasers. It is possible for a laser beam to be brief and powerful enough to hit a target in one spot otherwise Ballistic weapons become too good despite their mass.

3 – Sensors are Too Good.

This is a continuation of how sensors worked in previous MechWarrior games. You could detect a unit anywhere no matter what was between you and the target though you could not fire unless you had nothing between you and it. Pretty outrageous and too good, I would not have been surprised if you could see the pilot in the nearby gas station using the bathroom. MechCommander actually made sensors more fun, at the farthest range you could only detect that there was a unit but never know if it was a Mech or vehicle, how big it was or what type. Certain units (4 out of 29 total you could get) could use a mid range sensor package that allowed detection of units without LOS but you still needed LOS to tell what they were. Even fewer units (3) could carry the best sensor package that allowed you to determine if the target was a Mech or vehicle and how big such as Light Mech or Heavy Vehicle but even these could not get specific, you still needed LOS. This would actually work in MWO, give everyone the Basic Sensor with the Intermediate Sensor being allowed on certain units and the Advance Sensor a module for very few units.

4 – Lack of Pre-Match Intel and Planning.

Two critical items that allow even new people to get into such games, the first such as showing what map will be used allows players to plan ahead regarding how they will approach the match. Good combat games including shooters have this feature, similar to how real life combat allows it, no good soldier goes into battle without knowing the layout of where they will be sent to. In BattleTech (the game MWO and other MW/MC titles are based on) players are supposed to be getting dropped from a Dropship that takes days to reach a planet and have access to maps either printed or electronic so they should be able to see the map. The other item missing here is being able to communicate with fellow players on your team beforehand to plan how you will work together, another critical item necessary in any combat simulation. Getting random dropped with people at the last minute doesn’t work well, you have no idea what their goals are, what they are using or if you can even get along with each other. These missing two items are what gets new players steamrolled a lot and I really wish some people would stop pushing the Voice Chat, you don’t need Voice Chat as THE only way to communicate.

5 – Covering up Flaws with More Flaws.

Taking the LRM flaws, creating the ECM flaw as a counter then creating the PPC flaw to counter that doesn’t make things better, the game is still flawed and should be fixed right by REMOVING the flaws. Further, some people can use TAG to get around the ECM flaw subjecting players to the LRM flaws then there are games where one of the flawed counters is not present such as a game with no ECM units, thus the LRM flaws still show or no one has PPCs so the ECM flaw still kicks in. No game should force you to carry certain equipment just to play in order to counter flaws.

6 – Fudging Numbers of Players.

There was a recent challenge event people could sign up for, I did it just out of curiosity. I have seen posts from players saying about 7000 people played, even an Admin on their forums claimed 8026 people played.


Here’s the problem. When I signed up on Friday, February 22, after playing some then quitting for the day, I went to the webpage that listed who was in the top ranks as well as the rank of the person visiting the page (provided you were logged in). Do you know what my rank was? About 25,000. Can someone explain how the HELL you get ranked overall 25,000 in an event that only 7000-8000 players were involved in according to some including the developers? I cannot see anything but number fudging here, if you have to modify your statistics like this, you have something wrong with what you are doing.

7 – Players acting like Open BETA is a finished game.

I cannot believe the amount of players claiming they get high scores in a BETA, an acknowledgement that something is not finished, makes them exceptional and someone whose statements carry more weight than anyone else. If you are proud of getting high scores in an unfinished game and think it makes you better enough that everyone should play like you, you need to learn what skill really is. BETAs are meant for people to find and help fix problems in the game so it gets better, not to improve only themselves then tell others to play the same way. I did troubleshooting professionally in my career in computers, communications, military and even gaming, the only sense of pride is when you have been part of the process to get something out of BETA status.

I am sure some people hope problems will be fixed eventually but with certain obstacles currently in games like MWO especially #7, progress will be very slow if at all.

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