Two Types of Players in Shooter Games

There are, in simplest description, just two, the Combat Simulator and the Sadistic Killer.

The Combat Simulator looks for shooter games that give the best Close-To-Real effect as possible. The CS understands that not everything translates well but still, the more it has the better it is. This usually includes things such as:

– Teamwork

– Fair play

– Balance

– Good intelligence gathering

– Weapons that make some sense

– Don’t measure themselves based on scores

CS players are great to play with when they have a good understanding of military strategy & tactics especially if they were prior service of some kind.

Sadistic Killers on the other hand are a problem. Qualities of them include:

– Being out for themselves

– Looking to rack up high scores/Kill values

– Willing to exploit broken game qualities at other player’s expense

– Care little to nothing for intelligence gathering

– Don’t care if weapons or rules are out of balance

– Tend to lie a lot so long as ‘game balance’ favors them

Sadistic Killers are difficult to play with. At times it may look like they are working with you but their real goal is to be out for themselves. One obvious sign is they usually care nothing for strategy & tactics and tend not to come from military or similar background.

There are different shooters for both but one problem is when SKs decide they know shooters better and mess up games designed more for CS players resulting in CS’ers getting none of what they look for. In such situations SKs will flip CS’ers off with all kinds of obnoxious statements and false claims.

Right now I am convinced that is where MWO is at. Usually BattleTech related games appeal to CS’ers from my experience but there is a big push on the part of SKs to turn the game into what they want as shown by changes pushed through to enforce more ‘brawling’ since that is what SKs like, real simple close range combat. This is yet another area where MWO can get ruined by appealing to the SK’ers.

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