Political Gamers, How to Spot Them and Why You Should Avoid Them

“Words have power. We know that from our daily lives,” Garcia said. “They can have the power to inspire people to do good. They also have the power to inspire fear and incite others to violence. That’s the central issue and in many ways the only issue in this case.” – Thomas Garcia, September 16, 2011, in the case against Harold “”Hal” Turner, Hartford, CT.

Political gamers know this best but use it for all the wrong reasons and in poor ways.

I have been an avid gamer when I can of all kinds, card, board, RPG, computer, dice, etc.  I have seen and met many a fellow gamer of all kinds and enjoyed almost all of them. For the most part, I could always have civil discussions even when disagreeing with them on any subject.

But there is one type that cannot be enjoyed known as the Political Gamer.

Much like political people who are not gamers, the Political Gamer uses words, lies, innuendo and similar to incite division, anger, hatred and such among groups of players. Political Gamers seem to thrive on this, they cannot enjoy just being with people unless they are causing trouble among them along with taking credit for any work done if needed to fix anything wrong with a game even though the work was done by someone else. I believe it is somehow because Political Gamers are inherently angry themselves for unknown reasons and think sharing that anger with others somehow makes them friends with people. They also like to think of themselves as natural leaders especially when they suck at it and tend to get very aggressive while clinging to their false beliefs.

If you ever encounter anyone like this, get rid of them fast. Keeping them around will only encourage them to think you are either on their side or are someone they must unite others against. You may also find yourself losing valued friends and with a smaller group of people to socialize with due to the manipulations of the Political Gamer as they see themselves as too crucial to anyone’s existence because of an overinflated sense of self importance.

Some examples of Political Gamers I have known:

1 – I have a relative who is extremely political including in games. He is many things, none pleasant, and likes to annoy and anger people and turn friends against each other. I remember trying to play chess at his request years ago and he would get extremely angry if I won, at times knocking over pieces and eventually this behavior led me to stop playing chess. He also used to interrupt a lot in conversations and when I was in a RPG group, would try to turn members of the group against each other. I had to get rid of him despite being family because too often social encounters became too unpleasant.

2 – The next Political Gamer I knew was when I tried playing a space starship combat game at his request. Over some time, he tried coaxing me to get rid of people I knew a long time and playing according to his style and demands instead of me developing my own. Once time I tried getting along with him but at one point my work got in the way, he took to the Internet in an instant smear campaign against me as if I had control over the company I worked for when I didn’t, that was the last I had of him. During this time he also aggravated the creators of the space starship combat game, managed to get himself appointed to an influential position assisting that company only to disappear for long periods of time so was never able to keep up with the expectations that were built up about his abilities.

3 – When I spent some time involved in a train simulator, there was one who came to the simulator company’s forums causing no end of havoc constantly starting discussions on real world politics that were forbidden, repeatedly smearing anyone who did not agree with him including the simulator company and took to posting no end of offensive pictures. After getting banned for life, he started creating alternate IDs to come back under and once specifically targeting an elderly woman with offensive sex pictures while using a middle finger avatar towards the company. Eventually he just disappeared.

4 – Recently in the past 6 months, there was a user in Mechwarrior Online named SlXSlXSlX who stirred up trouble especially on a few important issues. He loved to claim people were ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ whatever subject was being discussed as a way to divide others and encourage hostility, also made baseless accusations especially regarding others’ intelligence falsely believing such fraudulent claims proved him right. When someone did a lot of work to prove a problem, SlXSlXSlX claimed a lot of the work was done by him then admitted his account was an alternate from his usual one that he was giving away showing cowardice on his part since he refused to use his primary account, after this he said he gave the SlXSlXSlX account away to someone else.

5 – Currently there is a user named FupDup in Mechwarrior Online who admitted to seeing everything as politics. Really, everything, so using the toilet is politics? Anyway, FupDup followed the same behavior using language such as ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ to divide people and incite anger along with baseless claims such as military personnel thought all machine guns were hand held weapons, accusing people of claiming beliefs none of them ever admitted to and, just like SlXSlXSlX, claiming he is doing a lot of work when only one person (not me) had done any work on the issue being discussed. FupDup with some others who follow his behavior turned an entire topic into a multipage waste of space, prior to this attempting to use multiple topics to harass and annoy the company into doing what they want without a shred of proof except for what the one user (stjobe) did that almost none of them acknowledge but was worth more than all of the politics used by FupDup and others such as TOGSolid who thinks posting pictures of middle fingers works far better.

So if you ever come across someone who uses language to divide, incite anger, claim leadership without doing anything, claim to do hard work while doing little and flat out admits to being a fan of politics, get rid of them. They will bring you nothing but headaches.

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