Photos from September 12, 2001

So here are photos I took, development on some is not perfect and I was using a film camera as people were going digital. These were the ones worth saving including the only picture I ever named of all the ones I took. Captions are above the pictures.

Late afternoon shot on September 12 from the Manhattan Bridge subway, smoke still marks where the towers once were. — at Manhattan, New York.


An intersection on Houston Street, the crowd here would break out in applause whenever a dump truck carrying material passed by — at Manhattan, New York.


The man in the white shirt was a news reporter interviewing people — at Manhattan, New York.


Forget where this is but it struck me how it was one of several areas with so little people and traffic at an hour when there is usually much more going on — at Manhattan, New York.


I think this was on West Broadway, no traffic except parked trucks waiting to be used for hauling debris or some other job — at Manhattan, New York.


I believe this was looking north on West Broadway, still no traffic and a front end loader parked on a flatbed on the right — at Manhattan, New York.


One of the most memorable shots I have ever taken, I call it “20 Blocks to Lunch.” This is a group of men who worked the World Trade Center site, from what I was told they were driven about 20 blocks up to Houston Street for lunch or breaks then had to WALK back, 20 blocks, to continue their efforts. I don’t think I have ever walked 20 blocks for a lunch or break. — at Manhattan, New York.


One of many police barricades with I believe a command vehicle on the left behind the SUV — at Manhattan, New York.


Yet another deserted street — at Manhattan, New York.


Another barricade at Houston Street, I was stuck on Houston for three hours while people from my company tried to figure out how I could get past legally to reach the work site a block south of Canal Street. — at Manhattan, New York.


At West 15th Street somewhere, just a block south are the 14th Street barricades, despite these most subways would stop at stations between 14th Street and Houston but nowhere south of Houston — at Manhattan, New York.


Looking north traffic is seen in the distance but nowhere near here or south all the way to Battery Park — at Manhattan, New York.


Hardly any pedestrians or shoppers in most places like this — at Manhattan, New York.


Another police barricade, development ruined this shot some by lightening it — at Manhattan, New York.


Yes, I have several photos of police barricades from Houston and 14th Streets like this — at Manhattan, New York.


A barricade from along 14th Street looking south — at Manhattan, New York.


Another 14th Street barricade, I was on my way to Union Square in the early morning of September 13 — at Manhattan, New York.


Taken from the East side of Union Square — at Manhattan, New York.


One of the photos of Union Square early in the morning, still some people out because of the events with personalized memorial items around the Square — at Manhattan, New York.


Another photo of Union Square there were candles set out all over — at Manhattan, New York.


One of some small groups of people out in Union Square — at Manhattan, New York.


Center of Union Square with a few candles and showing some of the personalized signs placed wherever people could put them — at Manhattan, New York.


Early morning shot taken from a subway car going across the Manhattan Bridge, got more of the reflection of the car interior but it is possible to make out the area of the WTC by the near white smoke around buildings in the center — at Manhattan, New York.


Sometime later in the week I tried getting the Manhattan skyline from Staten Island, the rain and fog botched it some but even under these conditions you could still see part of the buildings including the lack of the towers presence — at Manhattan, New York.


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