Analysis/Opinion on recent New York City biker/SUV incident

OK, based various comments and watching this video (again) in the following link, I have typed up the following so I can paste the link to this blog wherever I feel relevant.

If you do not know what this incident is, you can find many news stories on it and after details by looking for ‘NYC bikers SUV’ within the past few days of this blog.

1 – One thing obvious throughout a lot for this video, these particular bikers are NOT normal bikers of any kind. Usually when bikers ride in groups, they do so in suburban or rural areas, not densely packed cities like Manhattan. I don’t know who organized this ride but whoever was involved that did so are complete TOOLS. If you want to ride as a group, pick a starting point in a suburban or rural area where there is less traffic, drive there separately then go for a drive on a pre chosen course as a group avoiding densely packed cities. Easy.

Even sadder, I am sure some know of outlaw motorcycle gangs such as Hell’s Angels, Mongols, Pagans, and many others I do not list here (look up outlaw motorcycle gangs if you want to learn more) plus am no fan of some of their activities. I am confident without speaking for these gangs they could care less about me and don’t respect me either. But from what I know of them (not claiming 100% here, just what I know of them), I have never heard of them when riding hogging up an entire highway in a densely civilized area. Even when they ride in suburban/rural areas, I only know of them taking up whole highways when in places with little traffic. Freedom of the road and all that, it allows them their freedom while not having clashes with non-gang drivers.

When these outlaw motorcycle gangs can ride the roads without doing the big mistake this particular non-gang biker group did by hogging up all lanes of a densely packed civilized highway, that says there is something horribly wrong with this particular biker group. In short this particular group are a bunch of idiots, morons, schmucks and a bunch of other things. They should learn how to ride properly even from the outlaws. This group does not have to join any type of motorcycle group, gang or club to do so, JUST DO SOME FRICKIN’ RESEARCH THROUGH READING AND VIDEO.

2 – initially the bikers move past the SUV.

3 – a biker with a white helmet, white and black shirt, looks like a white bike (at 0:11 in the video) moves in front of the SUV in the center lane and slows down while turning to look back at the SUV. So Eckzavier (user at where I comment a bunch) earlier is wrong, the SUV did NOT move into the center land and the biker slowing down in front of the SUV did NOT look at some other biker.

4 – Between 0:13 and 0:20, the biker with the camera shows he is an idiot. he keeps bouncing his view forwards and rear. He had plenty of room to stop but took his sweet time. However, even with the cr@appy bouncing, something happened with the SUV that it stopped as did bikers. for a bit you cannot clearly see what happens, just suddenly the SUV surrounded by bikers on all sides then it pulls out and runs over a biker. Whatever happened between the stop and pull out will only come out in court when the testimony of all involved is said though I am not inclined much to trust bikers for a reason I will list elsewhere.

5 – The white van mentioned by Eckzavier as ‘not having a problem,’ try again bub. Around 0:20 in the video, the white van has to pull into the shoulder to drive around a biker who stopped in front of the van. It should be noted the shoulder here is nearly non-existent and there was a guardrail, honestly the van should have stayed put but he pulled a daring maneuver trying to squeeze past between the biker stopped in front of him in the same lane and the tiny shoulder with guardrail. So Eckzavier, stop claiming the van driver and bikers got along fine, bull again.

6 – The biker who was run over on the highway, his wife was just on Piers Morgan tonight saying before being run over, he husband stopped and put down his kickstand to help a situation and the lawyer tries to make him sound like a saint. Bull, when on a highway, you do NOT put your kickstand sown in the middle of the highway that is where her husband was, in the middle lane. If you want to stop, you pull the frick over so other vehicles could pass. That actually applies to all the bikers, none of them pulled over so other drivers could pass as happens in other highway accidents. During any highway accident, you are supposed to try to PULL OVER so traffic can continue at LEAST in one lane but no one including ALL THE BIKERS did this. Inconsiderate and probably broke a law blocking the whole highway by stopping in ALL THREE LANES.

It is called COMMON COURTESY A LOT OF DRIVERS OF ANY VEHICLE FOLLOW. If an accident/altercation occurs, pull over into the right shoulder, if no shoulder (like many NYC highways lack), then you can block the right lane (and should have at the rear some type of warning, blinkers, flares, something to let driver know to move left to pass and continue).

7 – About 0:40, the SUV had pulled away from the front of the biker pack. At this point, all bikers should have stayed put and called for assistance. Instead, like some other times I have seen, they follow the ignorant belief they are suddenly judge, jury and executioner, a pack of them (some probably stayed behind) going after the SUV like they were the law. MAJOR FAILURE on the bikers part. Call the cops & EMTs, get the SUV plate #, make and description and STAY PUT. While we are at it, CLEAR AT LEAST THE LEFT AND MIDDLE LANES so traffic can flow as described above. Arrogant.

8 – About 1:00 in, some biker in a red-orange jacket is seen giving hand signs to one or more behind him as if they are on a military ops hunting enemies. Yes, I have been in the service and know what I am talking about. You are bikers, not some spec ops team, knock it off, this isn’t CoD. You can see this biker giving more hand signals later such as near 1:25. No excuse here. Even dumb camera biker starts doing it such as near 2:30.

9 – About 3:45, the bikers are using intimidation tactics like some kind of higher authority to force the SUV to do what the bikers want including get off at Exit 14 from the Henry Hudson Parkway. See point #7, the bikers had ZERO AUTHORITY and should have followed what I wrote there. Nothing indicates this is where the SUV wanted to get off, bikers at fault again.

10 – Moron biker in black jacket/white helmet gets off bike to pull open door while other bikers tries to box SUV in on all sides. First, no one who is a civilian has a right to force open someone else’s vehicle doors. Second, see point #7 AGAIN. These bikers had ZERO AUTHORITY to chase down the SUV for any reason, they are not any type of law enforcement agency. I note the moron who tried to open the door, he also dropped his kickstand to park in a lane he shouldn’t have and then his bike fell over without being hit, good he deserved that. SUV pulls out and again the bikers follow proving Point #6 right again.

11 – At 5:22 they venture onto city streets. Bad move especially by the bikers.

12 – 6:02 Reggie Chance and some other idiot biker get off and attack the SUV. SEE POINT #7.

Now some (so far very few in my reading) say the SUV driver is fault for when he ran over the biker and did not yield the road to them way at the beginning. But when I add up my points above, the bikers did the most things wrong therefore carry most of the blame. Granted there are some things not clear from the video such as what did happen when all the bikers and the SUV stopped on the Parkway (blocking all three lanes like idiots) around and before 0:20 in the video. Still, the bikers carry the most fault.

Even more interesting, I found a second video of another biker group here by the same YouTube user:

1 – See Point #1 above.

2 – 0:26 the group rides through a FRICKIN’ RED LIGHT. Another example of a biker group thinking they are above the law. Again they are not even one of the outlaw motorcycle gangs, pathetic assholes this group in the video are.

3 – 0:29 a big biker in black on a red bike seems to think he is a traffic cop telling a car legally going on a green light to back up and let his group pass despite his group breaking the law driving through the red light. However, between 0:27 and 0:30 you see bikers surrounding this car including going behind it and even one biker parking behind the car. intimidation tactics plus the biker behind the car prevents the ‘orders’ of Big Biker from being followed. Do any of these idiot bikers PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? You cannot tell someone to back up when your buddies get in the way can you?

4 – 0:33 biker in black jacket on lime green bike reaches in car on passenger side. WHAT THE F**K FOR? Window is shut against him so he resorts to hitting the car. A**hole.

5 – 1:06, bikers have continued going down road after ILLEGALLY going through intersection, now they make a right turn. Some however try a ‘shortcut’ going through a gas station then driving on both the sidewalk and the new street GOING THE WRONG WAY. Apparently, basic traffic laws don’t apply to these ‘special idiots.’

6 – About 1:40 they tie up an intersection. Does anyone know where in the basic driving rules it says biker groups are special even more so than outlaw motorcycle gangs not to mention law abiding civilians? I cannot find it. Please tell me, PLEASE!

Now to be fair, the same YouTube user also posted the following video, I think it is somewhere in East Asia based on language or maybe some Oriental neighborhood of some large city, not sure where though.

1 – About 0:10, some moron in a car zips past traffic going too fast and tries driving through a red light hitting some moped riders.

2 – 0:17, car driver had backed up a bit then steps out to check what happened. Then idiot driver gets back in car and pulls off classic Hit & Run mentality. After leaving about 0:23, you can see a few moped drivers still on the ground, there is even a kid in a helmet though the kid is standing and moving, lucky kid. Some moped riders drive off in the same direction as the car, not sure if they give chase like the idiot bikers above.

3 – About 0:33 ambulance drives past with sirens on. They MIGHT be responding to some other incident that takes priority, they did have sirens going when they drove into the video a good indication they were assigned to something else where they were needed thus explain why they did not stop. Can only hope they called in what was there.

4 – Sad thing is, no other drivers or even pedestrians stopped to offer any assistance though they passed right by the downed moped riders. Pathetic, I could understand everyone not stopping but c’mon, not at least ONE?

However, I cannot consider the third video much of an excuse for the things I saw in the two previous videos.

I do believe there are many things we should become aware of regarding driving habits.
I don’t think I have to explain them all or list every video that is probably out there showing relevant information.
Worst off, despite the last two sentences, I know there will always be a segment of humanity both riding bikes and in other vehicles who may never learn what they should from all of this.

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1 Response to Analysis/Opinion on recent New York City biker/SUV incident

  1. David says:

    If you expand the video and watch it closely, you will see the biker by the SUV driver’s side door making a very abrupt movement that looks like a punch around 30 seconds. Then he gets closer to the window (bows up) and the Range Rover takes off.


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