After Election Day in New York City

Normally I would post this in comments on the local news site but certain people have made that an extremely hostile place where if you do not agree with everything they say, they bully you with lies, delusions and false accusations while hiding under anonymous Internet User IDs so instead I post it here.

Even though a lot of my choices lost, I am still satisfied with how I voted and feel no shame in it, I was able to choose in all but one election, protest none and my abstention is listed in the BP part.

I will first note for Comptroller I made a mistake on my ballot I was not allowed to correct so I apologize for that. I picked the right candidate for me under the wrong party, I chose Burnett but wanted to use School Choice since I am not ‘aligned’ with the other two, R or C. I knew where the R line was but missed seeing where C and SC were so voted under C when I shouldn’t have. I chose Burnett: 1) because I felt Stringer is ‘too Manhattan’ for me, I know Burnett has some Manhattan in him but I don’t see him being too focused on one borough; 2) I felt after years of Democrat Comptrollers it is Time for Change.

I chose Jack Hidary since he came across as very non-affiliated, I like his stance on issues more and I have used his former creation,, before.

I chose Irene Estrada of the War Veterans Party for PA, of the three WV candidates, she actually had a platform of issues and has spent some time here connecting with the community.

I had no choice but to abstain in the write in, not to protest but due to limited choices and inability to find someone who appealed to me more. On issues, Oddo and Leidy tied, Bardel’s belong in some other election (things like Tax the 1% are NOT BP issues) and Silas Johnson, all I could find was that the Libertarian Party (who I overall don’t agree with on some things) nominated this guy but it seems he never accepted. So I left the BP vote up to other Staten Islanders.

Ignizio got my vote in a close decision on issues, I recall the difference was 1 more in his favor for me.


I will admit this is personal to me, maybe more so than my beliefs on the Republican and Democrat Parties.

I cannot find any mention of them anywhere outside small news story listings of the party and that bothers me a bit. Of the three candidates, only Irene Estrada had any kind of platform and I liked it.

Richard Bozulich, all I found of significance was a Wikipedia mention of him saying he was running but he lives in Japan, does a lot of writing for certain games and had no listing whatsoever about why he ran for Comptroller. I am at a loss how he got votes.

Sam Sloan – warning this is the guy I mentioned vaguely yesterday.


When looking for info on him, I first found a story about how he was fighting for a Jewish legal right and he is Islamic. I thought this interesting but never found any platform of issues for him either beyond this.

Then I found the linked story below, this offended me. Not sure what the correct term is for it but I call it corrupt, getting signatures from people who are not even registered to vote.

Normally I try not to concern myself with a candidate’s personal life except on certain issues, I have agreed candidates like Weiner, Spitzer, Lopez, Massa, Lee and Fossella all bothered me by their acts and rightfully left office. I guess after seeing the first Sloan offense that bothered me, it helped make the second offensive that being Sloan’s attempt to kidnap his own kid by his second wife during a child custody issue. I believe if you have a child custody issue, be an adult and settle it in private or court, not by taking your child outside the country to avoid legal trouble and responsibility.

After those two items, Sam Sloan should NEVER run AGAIN not even as DOG CATCHER and as a Veteran though not a War Veteran, I was too offended by him being on the WV party line. Sloan should stick to chess and NEVER apply for any government position AGAIN.

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