Comment on the Atheist digital billboard in Times Square

It has just been too stupid.

For reference, I am not a practicing Christian, I have not been for years and don’t even consider myself one. I tend to think of my religious beliefs as personal and just plain mine without pushing them on others.

That said, I have gotten quite tired over time of, “the usual,” arguments when one religion bashes another. This includes the constant Christian bashing I have had to listen and read for decades.

Yeah, me and a lot of others, “get it,” in this case being Atheists have a hard on for Christians. Oh sure, Atheists will try to lamely pass it off as humor and sarcasm. Well, I spent years watching a lot of good comedians in their performances. Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy. George Carlin, the list goes on. Comedians of various ethnic groups, religions and backgrounds. Want to know something obvious you learn from watching the greats of comedy? They almost never repeat the same jokes over several years. Even if fans plead, beg, whatever, they almost always look for new material to keep things fresh. So the Christian bashing (and similar religion bashing done by other groups), it just plain isn’t comedy, not when you go on about it for freakin’ DECADES.

Let it go already. Get new material. Pick a different subject. You have no sense of humor if your comedy record is stuck on, “Let’s bash this religion again for the 1537th time!” It is old, tiresome, boring and flat out annoying. You do not help people celebrate the holidays, you ruin it with bad comedy and a tired old message. Remember, I am not a Christian, just a guy who is fed up with the religion bashing including yours. Don’t cite your rights, there is no such right as the Right to Aggravate/Annoy/Harass/etc. People, check the law yourself, it does not exist.

If you do not know what billboard ad I refer to, here is the link:

While I am on about it, regarding this particular billboard, here are some fair questions for the arrogant Atheists designed in the same manner as the beginning of the video. At about 0:10 in the video, there is a list of things Atheists say to celebrate during Christmas. What if someone cannot do one? Will we suffer for it? A few examples, what if someone is too poor to contribute to a charity and cannot do free charity due to commitments? What if they cannot afford to see a Rockettes show? How about those who spend a quiet Christmas at home leaving a bunch of your list out? Chinese food? WTF DOES CHINESE FOOD HAVE TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS????? Sometimes at Christmas there is no snow in Times Square. Will New York City burn to the ground if snow is not available? Will anyone suffer eternal damnation for missing an item on your list? Verbal harassment, annoying Internet posts, dumb phone texts and stupid email?

These questions are fair given how long you have wasted people’s time with your annoyance about how mad you are towards Christians. If you get to annoy people with your obsessive and clear ego stroking and e-peen measurements, expect it back including from non-Christians like me. After all, if you were, “so much better than Christians,” then you would have designed a campaign that would not offend people including those of the non-Christian faith so we can celebrate our beliefs without being harassed by yours, a harassment toward non-Atheists that is VERY MUCH LIKE WHAT YOU COMPLAIN CHRISTIANS DO TO YOU. Stop imitating behavior you claim to be against, it doesn’t make you better, just one of many stupid beliefs that want to fight over whose religion has the biggest ego/e-peen.

You failed. Get over it and while you are at it, as the English say, sod off wanker.

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2 Responses to Comment on the Atheist digital billboard in Times Square


    It’s a reference to what is generally known as “Jewish Christmas”. Many American Jews, since they more than likely have the day of X-Mas off, will celebrate by having Chinese food (the restaurants are generally open on that day) and going to a movie.


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