I Feel Blessed Some Gamers Don’t Do the Same Real Life Jobs

Yeah, I have played computer games for a long time, since the 1980s. I have done console games from the Atari 2600 days but over time let those go. Only so much time and one person cannot do everything. I chose to focus on computer games because some can be modified, they are more flexible for me, downloading is a lot easier and I do not like the controls of today’s consoles.

One thing I am very grateful for is how some players I run into do things in games that I am sure they cannot do in real life, a prime example is what was called in the Army Buddy Fucking. I am sure you know what it means, doing something that screws over one or more of your teammates whether intentional (worst kind) or unintentional (could be forgiven but might take time). Consequences in real life vary from minor inconvenience to, in extreme cases, severe harm, maybe even death. It all depends on the details.

I have done a few blogs before about one game I play, Mechwarrior Online. Well, recently in the past few weeks, I got Buddy Fucked for the first time in a game.

A few things to explain.

Currently, there are 3 types of matches but one is recent so there were only 2 when this happened. We were playing one called Assault, winning is done by either destroying the enemy team, capping their base (occupy an area around the base over time) or the match times out in a draw. Assault games had 2 types of players, one focused on destroying the other team and nothing else the kind of player that likes to go out in a blaze of glory. The other, such as myself, tends to be objective oriented, we do fight but we also consider other goals that can be accomplished and will do so if it is deemed necessary. Most matches are random players assigned to a team so you get teams with both types on the same team, this leads to one type getting annoyed by the other, a frustration usually argued on the forums but in rare cases like this one leading to Buddy Fucking.

This particular match reached one point where all on my team were dead except me and 4 of the enemy 12 were left, so they had numbers in their favor and the equipment they had also gave them an advantage.

Since I am objective oriented and I tend to play certain games like this according to what the military taught me, I decided to seek a sheltered spot in a manner that made it hard to detect me. This would force the enemy to win by cap else risk a timeout and is considered an acceptable strategy except by the first type of player I described. Sure enough, there were some of those on my team and then the screwing happened.

Now the first type can be split into two sub-types. The first, if he dies in his blaze of glory, will either leave the match or watch his other teammates play, no problems happen from this one. The smaller group however tend to be trouble, if they die, they hang around to watch and if you do not play by their style they sell you out. There were 3 of these this time and sure enough they told the opposing team through chat where to find me apparently thinking they had some kind of right to impose their play style on me and others.

The company that runs this game does so by rules, some similar to others and one of those is that players who engage in bad conduct cannot be publicly named on the game forums but, for certain situations, can be reported. Unfortunately this situation is not one of those listed for reporting thus leaving me no resolution but to tell my story here. No way am I letting them think they get to force anyone, not just me, into doing everything their way. Good games are designed to accommodate several play styles and let people play the one they like, not have other players force their style down everyone else’s throat. So here I name the three Buddy Fuckers by their game User IDs (one seems to be a variation of a different one he uses on the forums) that sold me out.

AMCraine, HM Murdock and Looney200.

I use this post to immortalize these three as untrustworthy and unable to play using team tactics with any sense of good conduct regarding their teammates. Congrats Buddy Fuckers, you will be remembered.

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2 Responses to I Feel Blessed Some Gamers Don’t Do the Same Real Life Jobs

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    • storknest says:

      Odd statement to make. If it is some way of telling me to, “Get a Life,” I already have one. I am not one of those ragers who fly into screaming fits over a game, simply wrote this about a unique but disturbing match I had. I find writing more therapeutic than raging and at times tend to use it as such.


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