Some Truth About Staten Island and Politics

Woke up today to hear about the incident regarding Representative Michael Grimm and a reporter from NY1, Mr. Michael Scotto. If you have not heard of it, it is easy to find a story on it by searching though the NY1 website has the best video with caption of what was said that is, for some, hard to hear. In response, I sent the following news agencies the correspondence that follows the list.

NY1 – Inside City Hall
Fox News FB
Daily Mail
USA today
LA Times
NY Times
NY Post
Daily News

Dear (news service),

Since a lot of demands are going around, I DEMAND issues I mention in this comment be mentioned on (news service) and affiliates where I am sure they will discuss the story of Representative Grimm’s actions last night towards Mr. Scotto.

First, let’s be honest. We know this story will be claimed by some as the attitude of Republicans. We also know this is completely false. I am not condoning Mr. Grimm’s behavior but in any discussion, it NEEDS to be mentioned this is the behavior of some people in New York City including Democrats. It has become, in the country’s view, the ‘New York City attitude.” People across the country expect this behavior from New Yorkers and we have done nothing to dissuade it. We have even embraced it in many ways, film, books, the conduct of citizens here.

So given this is a cultural issue, the REAL question is what our response is to that. Do we want to keep this image that is NOT limited to Republicans? Look at various media about Staten Island and New York City. Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, various films such as the self-titled Staten Island film in 2009 starring Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio, also the 2007 film of the same name.

I have, in my 35+ years on Staten Island, known and been treated by Democrats the very same way Grimm behaved and they never received any punishment because of the cultural issue mentioned. Will they be held accountable for their actions? If not, then stop claiming this is Republican only. I also encountered this outside New York City, one example is what happened when I joined my full time unit in the Army in July 1995. Like anywhere people go when they are the ‘new guy,’ I was asked some ‘get to know you’ questions including where I was from. I said, ‘Staten Island,’ that prompted the next question, ‘Where is that?’ When I responded, ‘One of the 5 boroughs in New York City,’ I was told I was lying because I did not have the typical rudeness of a NYC resident.

This is also what happens when we subscribe to the failed belief that Politicians should be held to a higher standard than citizens. Never forget the famous sayings such as, ‘You reap what you sow,’ ‘You get what you paid for,’ and similar. New York residents have supported this image of New Yorkers for a long time. What did they expect?

Eric Stork

Hate to say it, it is not so much the Republicans fault, some residents behavior brought this on themselves along with media slant from movies and TV. Not everyone in Staten Island is like this but I would be dishonest to say everyone was innocent.

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