Cultural Truths About Staten Island Relating to Recent News

With all the recent flap about Representative Michael Grimm for his threat against NY1 reporter Michael Scotto, I figure this is a good time to clear up something about Staten Island, its culture and some of its people and I do not just mean the GOP, Democrats are guilty too.

There has always been an attitude of hostility on SI. It seems different on the surface depending on what area you live in. As I grew up here from the 1970s until today, I have seen the various geographical forms it has taken.

Racism on the North Shore (not just from whites).
Hyped up rages on the South Shore over who is the tough guy.
Fights over women that, years later, seemed stupid to the participants.
Alcohol & drug incited anger.

It does not matter what race, gender or political party a person who does such activities is. It is dishonest to claim it comes from only one group defined by any division. Therefore, Rep. Grimm was doing what some other Staten Islanders do but are too proud and egotistical to admit to.

This has even been reflected in media about Staten Island and New York City. Various TV shows and films that make such behavior look glamorous and an expected part of the culture. Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, self titled Staten Island films, films showing, “the good ol’ days of the mob.”

Sometime soon, I will expand on this with specific information from my own history showing what life on Staten Island has and is still like, I already have one story up at this link:

With teenagers like this running around threatening people simply because they are bored and looking for kicks, I don’t see how anyone could expect different from their representatives.

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