News Website and Free Speech Under Attack by a Lone Person

This is not a joke. I am sharing this as a warning in case this person gets around to other Internet sites and will share this blog to whatever news sites I can think of. I am also sharing it because the individual is well on his way to committing a criminal act against me and/or others close to me so I want this to stand as a description of what happened and how this person escalated to criminal activity.

I sometimes frequent other news websites of various kinds. I have been to ones politically biased on all sides and those in between, local up to global, some from other countries outside my own home of the United States. Most of the time I get to check news though is spent on a local site,, I prefer the local one to a lot of the others, those others where I sporadically read things here and there, not regularly.

Like other news sites, it has commenters. Some are rarely seen, others quite frequent. There are people who only show up if they have a personal connection to a story. Various kinds show up on the local news. This includes those of the political bent.

In politics, we have our Republicans, Democrats, those in between like myself. There are the extreme crackpots to the moderate from all over.

Things get rowdy, people say the craziest shit. At some future point I will even post some of it. However lately one individual stands out due to his recent actions, that person is known by his User ID Seal444. Obviously a fake ID like a lot of people use over the Internet.

Seal444 has made this unsupported claim for a while that he is a former Navy SEAL and has proven to be extremist with leftist leanings. Typically feuding with his polar opposites, he made several crazy things clear.

If you do not agree with him, you are automatically branded a, “racist Tea-bagger who watches too much FOX News.” It does not matter who you really are or what you do, Seal444 does not care about real people or anything else real, it is his way or no way in his self-created fantasy world that he confuses for the real one. I generally have dismissed him as one of several with extremist leanings. I have also been a target for his rants and false accusations regarding my politics despite proof I have shown proving him wrong in addition to how I also have gotten branded a flaming liberal and similar by some on the right. I figure if I get accused by both sides of being on the other, that is one of many ways of proving I am on neither. Seal444 ignores this reality too.

It should also be known that Seal444 has shown his Navy SEAL status is a fraud. His actions have always caused doubt regarding his claimed status. I have seen actual military veterans including myself post on there, there are certain qualities we tend to have regarding behavior that Seal444 does not demonstrate. It is also known there are a small amount of people who pretend to be military vets but are not. I have always had my doubts about the Navy SEAL status claimed and they have been proven true by the recent actions of Seal444. I also belong to a couple of veteran groups and am on military sites, at these places I see vets from different walks of life including political positions behave and talk, practically none share qualities with Seal444.

So now to Seal444’s recent actions. His first act of insanity was to start deleting comments of anyone who disagrees with him, says that he is a fake SEAL (which he is) and offends his opinion of President Obama. Anything under those three he doesn’t like, he demands to be deleted. He will allow anything that trashes Republicans, attacks FOX News, insults the Tea Party (who most people do not see as having much relevance anymore so don’t get his or a few others’ obsession) and goes after imaginary racists. In doing this, he is manipulating all conversation on that site to basically agree with him, “or else you get deleted.” The end result he aims for is to manipulate the news site so only content he like is allowed even though he does not own or pay for the site itself.

Ironically, his actions have not driven off Republicans as he thinks, just out of certain topics and made them post less. Even more interesting, a lot of Democrats have, “gone quiet.” There were even once Democrats and Republicans who, despite their disagreement, fights and whatnot, publicly stated in past times of deletions that they wished nothing to ever be deleted. But Seal444 has blown off everyone of various political positions in his efforts to, as he claims, protect himself, only President Obama (he could care less about anyone else who was ever President) and, “save the world.”

No I am not kidding. This guy has pretty much killed free speech and gone against many other commeters’ wishes even those who have agreed with him on other things. No respect for anyone, that is Seal444’s new attitude. “Fuck you,” his deletions say, “Its all about me.”

I took a description of what he did to a veteran group I am in. Without naming him or the site, I posted the story of the actions and asked fellow veterans and non-vets who support veteran issues that were part of the group what they thought of it. Here is the exact story I posted:

I participate in this local news site most choose to comment on using usernames, I used to but changed to my real name. The is one guy who claims to be a SEAL (not the only veteran there) who posts some of the craziest shit (not the only one) I have seen.
Point is recently he decided to start getting comments deleted by site admins that he did not like, a LOT of comments. It has escalated since then but the question I would like to see other vets comment on is this.
Do you think vets have a right to demand mass deletions of commentary they do not agree with?
I am not talking about content, I am sure we would all have different answers, simply whether someone who claims to have lived by the high code soldiers and even higher SEALs have to live by gets the right to demand mass deletion of comments leaving only those with positions he agrees with. I am curious on other veteran responses.

As I said earlier, I have been on various veteran group and news sites and seen how vets post and behave. Sometimes they get rowdy but they never go for mass deletions like this. Responses I got to this post proved it. Almost all of the responses showed both vets and non-vets who support veteran issues do not agree with Seal444’s actions. I even politely told him so. He had the comment deleted and went off with yet another crazy tirade.

His next step was a big mistake on his part. Just before I informed him of what other vets said about his actions, Seal444 put up a comment making the following publicly known: 1 – That he knew where I lived; 2 – Claimed to know where I worked and what job I did (this part is false, I have a listing on my Facebook profile that shows I left that place and job in 2003); 3 – That he knew personal information on relatives of mine and, by posting it, was clearly taking a step down a path of crime.

There are certain stories people read about, stories of those who first become obsessed with someone that eventually lead to criminal behavior of the worst kind. The first step is to become obsessed with someone and start digging up information on them; the second is to let the target know you have this information; the third is to start showing up where the target is at; eventually you get to the part where, upon realizing the obsession fantasy is not going to happen, the stalker commits one or more crimes such as kidnapping, rape, murder and/or possibly others. Seal444, by first becoming obsessed then posting a bunch of information about my relatives that is not as publicly known as he thinks, has proven to be on his way down this path of crime with me and/or relatives of mine as a target.

This is actually not the first time this has happened to me. I once had to deal with some really disturbed people that escalated to a point where there was an attempt on my life and an almost rape of a woman I cared about all to promote a disturbed agenda including things such as, “Saving the Superior White Man from a massive conspiracy of the rich, minorities and government,” that I was accused of being a part of and promoting a cult / gang’s sick, disturbed agenda, a true story of Staten Island I will tell someday when I am able to get all the details down. There have been other times I have been threatened as well for bogus reasons, I even posted one here about the local group of teenaged idiots.

So I know the signs of someone escalating to criminal activity of a severe nature. Given I will not stand by and wait for it, I post the story of Seal444 to always be here in the event anything happens and will send links to this to various news sites incase he tries to go to them. This will also be referred to all authorities I contact that I am looking into now. I will not go quietly while this nutjob continues his depraved actions, just because he deletes on one news site does not mean he can delete on the whole Internet, no one has that kind of power thankfully.

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