Four Degrees of Internet Trolls

So recently was in a conversation on the official MechWarrior Online game forum about a piece of game equipment. First came the worst of the four trolls out of nowhere.

First and worst of the four posts under UserID Vanguard319, he/she will get a new nickname shortly. His/her and the initial troll post is found here. I did not have the time to do a full response to everything he posted but did to his/her last sentence he directed to me and the response was true since he/she clearly made an ‘assessment’ of me based on zero facts, lack of any time spent getting to know each other thus engaging in troll behavior. Other parts of his/her post both general and toward me are more troll behavior. Honestly, I should ignore the non-troll portions based on the troll ones. He/She also cited Sun-Tzu who is not worth as much as I read Vanguard the Grapefruit Troll to give him credit for, though I had a blog up on that but cannot find it so will do one hopefully soon. Finally based on a few posts The Grapefruit Troll makes after, he/she seems to have a mix of qualities of the Combat Simulator and the Sadistic Killer as far as MWO goes.

Next a more lower level troll is IraqiWalker. No where as high as VtGT above, Iraqi decided to accuse me of trolling without proof making his claim rather meaningless. Even worse, he also had ‘Liked’ the linked post above (you can only see this if you are a community member and logged in) so in doing so, he became a lower level troll for ‘Liking’ a troll post. Now the count is 2.

Then along comes member 1453 R who decided to go off in a mix of some detail but a lot of emotion and desire on the subject, also made a really bad analogy (this is covered further down). When I separate his mix of topic related posting from the emotional/desire content, there is more of the second than the first and the topic related content looked significant but actually was rather confusing on what he/she was trying to say, there were no clear points rather it came across as making 2+ points sometimes contradicting him/herself. Between that and the bad analogy plus sometimes I do not like quoting a long post, I just summed up his post as, “Bunch of Nonsense,” because that is how it came across. 1453 R trolled with the reference to, “a New York mugger,” line in a happy type tone, offensive since I grew up in New York City during the 1970s-1980s, a hard time and from experiences I and people close to me had regarding crime including muggings, of course such a line is going to offend.

Then come the false troll accusations directed at me with, again, zero proof. This went on for a couple of days with another named Tesunie getting involved becoming another low level troll. He also made the mistake of trying to claim 1453 R’s analogy was a good one and acting like a forum mod when he isn’t, self appointed forum mods never do well in a community.

Thus were born The Four Trollskerteers.

I should reference the fifth false accuser of me trolling, Shar Wolf. Again no evidence provided thus making his claim false but he never said anything troll like.

1453 R’s analogy, comparing a sneak/ambush attack in a military related computer game to that of a New York mugging, not only offensive as I described above but also horrible. Tesunie trying to justify the two had one common point, sneaking/stealth, does not help. For an analogy to be good, it has to have more then one common reference between the two. Now if the sneak/ambush attack were compared to something like a haunted house employee scaring a customer, that is a better analogy because it has at least two common points, sneaking/stealth and both are acceptable forms of such behavior while the New York mugging is an unacceptable one so it does not have a second point to compare to either.

I do believe all of the Four Trollskerteers and Shar Wolf may not know how to do legal arguing. If you accuse someone of a crime such as trolling, you have to provide evidence, in this case they should have quoted what I said was considered trolling by them but they never did making their claims baseless. Providing quoted comments of mine allows a response that clarifies what could have been simple misinterpretation/misunderstanding or something else based on how the accused, in this case me, responds. Since their accusations were baseless given the lack of evidence (quoted comments), I said so several times but they just kept up the bad behavior of false accusations. Here is a good example of how to accuse someone of trolling, Bishop Steiner quotes the part of lockwoodx’s post that Bishop asks if it is trolling. Quoting allows a response clearing up what is going on.

The amount of assumption they made was completely horrible. I did wonder if they were ever taught that old quote, “Never assume, you’ll make an ass out of you and me.” I know none of these guys outside MechWarrior Online and there, only through forum exchanges over the game so it is clear we are not friends, opponents (except in game) or anything else other than fellow community members. Where they got the ‘brilliant’ idea to make piles of unfounded assumptions about me, I have no idea. The sheer amount of egotism, overinflated sense of self worth, immaturity and childishness that reeked from their posts added even more fuel to the fire they created.

I have no idea if any of these four know each other and did this together or separately, either way, I am glossing over anything they say from now on. Maybe someday they will get better communication skills and learn some things.

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