Why Sun-Tzu is Not That Great Anymore

There is this really ancient general from history, you probably have heard of him. Sun-Tzu from 6th Century BC China period. He supposedly wrote this book called the Art of War. Like any historical general, there are a few interesting things in it that are still valid today. There is a serious problem though, a real serious problem.

People in non-military life are applying the teachings of this book to their lives. Civilians, who are supposed to be living civil, peaceful lives, are instead applying this stupid book to their personal encounters and situations treating practically anything as a conflict they have to win.

First big mistake is one a lot of people make when reading a book, they never look up the history of the author. This crazy guy, Sun-Tzu, when he got tested to be a general by the King of Wu was ordered to give orders to concubines. When they failed to follow directions twice, Sun-Tzu has two of them killed scaring the King into making Sun-Tzu a general. People swear by this crap. Try pulling that stunt today and see where it gets you. I served in the military of the USA, no one could ever get into a command position of any kind by pulling a stunt like this. That fundamental difference shows a critical reason no one should take the Art of War seriously and apply it to their lives in the modern world.

Second will be listed in an upcoming blog about a modern military soldier and his response about how civilians treat their lives like they are at war when they should not be.

When you have a background like that, no one in this world we live in today should be applying your teachings to their non-military lives. To do so just adds more dumb shit into our world that we do not need as there are enough problems to deal with so we do not need some Sun-Tzu wanna be claiming everything is conflict. Not everything we deal with is conflict for not all of us are soldiers in a battle or war, if we were, the world would be a worse place than it actually is.

Do yourself a favor.

Do not apply the Art of War to your life unless you are in an actual military service and even then, it has limits as to what is actually valid and worth using. I am not saying the book’s contents are worthless but they are worth less then people give it credit for.

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