Why I believe SFC Bryan Sikes Statement Applies to More than Gwyneth Paltrow

At the end of May, an American Green Beret soldier had something to say regarding a celebrity’s comments on Social Media. Not only do I agree with him, I think it can be expanded to the Internet and Society at large and what happens on/in it.

We have seen it somewhere. People claiming they are in various forms of Military action yet they are not serving in an actual Military at all especially now when tensions run high on many a subject. This seems to be for unknown reasons encouraged by what some call Mainstream Media (TV, movies, news, books, etc.), I am not one to speculate conspiracies so I know not why but is clear that Mainstream usage has had an effect on Civilian Society and I strongly disagree with that. Here are some terms I will not be using anymore and shall replace whenever I see them used whether the original user likes it or not.

Flame/Twitter/etc. Wars – These are not real Wars. No one gets shot or bombed, goes to a hospital, performs ‘tactical and/or strategic maneuvers’ to defeat an enemy or anything else Military related. Some mean posting anywhere may hurt someone’s feelings but that is not the same as a War, it is just an idiot who needs be ignored and/or deleted from your viewing depending on the site it is done on. I will acknowledge there is a connection to this subject and bullying but that deserves its own separate write up sometime.

War of Words – Another version of the above.

Strategy/Strategizing – This is something soldiers do for combat also therefore should not be done by non-soldiers except, in my view, for and games involving Military elements. Corporations describe themselves as doing it along with some people for Social and possibly other encounters. For corporations, I am currently unsure what it should be replaced with, right now I am going with planning, while also done in militaries, is less Military like thus I consider better off. As for individuals, Socializing should always be described as such, less like Military encounters, I would go with more Social terms here such as Dealing With Issues, Handling Problems, things like that.

Hater – I have covered this word before and believe it also falls under this discussion. Hate, for example, is something done by the Modern World’s radical terrorist groups who engage in military behavior. In Social settings, the term is used for people who do not do things that terrorists perform such as attacks with weapons, beheadings, etc. thus it does not apply to someone who writes/says something you do not like and/or agree with. Another reason I dislike the currently common usage of this word and avoid/ignore it when used, a recent example, in the MechWarrior Online community through a Social discussion the term was used by a poster named 1453 R I mentioned here in that very encounter referring to me. Sadly he/she is mistaken since I performed no combat type action as a terrorist would have regarding his/her position so the usage of the term is incorrect and reflects an overblown definition of the Social encounter between us from 1453 R’s point of view.

The (insert whatever here) Army – Unless you are in an actual military, you are NOT in an Army or similar. One example is shown in this article, there is no such thing as a Social Army except in Military games. Another is celebrity armies, one I know of is the KISS Army, they are not a true Military army so are a fan club with an overblown name and I say this even though I have listened to KISS since the days of vinyl records and enjoyed their music. None of these or anything like it is a true army, just an overblown label that contributes to some of the horrible Social issues we face today in civilian life.

Added August 18: The War Against (insert civilian social problem here) – Now I will grant some things that can be added in the parentheses do have actions involving weapons, example being I just heard the term War Against Black Men that involves situations where young blacks are killing other young blacks. However, these problems start from a social problem and should be dealt with by looking at their root cause and dealing with those social problems. They are not caused by governments declaring war on each other thus they should not be described in military terms. Another example is the War on Drugs, while we do hear of drug users being involved in shooting incidents, the root cause is drug use and crimes thus this needs to be addressed through that route instead.

More terms may be added to this list as I come across them.

Point here I believe is very clear, Military terms in Civilian life cause reactions in people that make for bad Social encounters. Many terms used for non-soldiers have a certain word in them noted in capital letters here such as CIVILian, CIVILian Life, CIVILized Society and more. The common term CIVIL in these various words indicate a Social setting that is supposed to be free from things Military related that should include the use of Military terminology.

I even am getting fed up with the lingo used in various media. Example, I do not watch much TV, one of the few shows I watch is Suits. But I have noticed they have these lawyers talk like they are, “Going to war,” and, “Having knife fights.” Look, I know from a piece of advice an ACAP counselor gave me that some different career fields have overlapping skills, soldier and lawyer do have similarities in specific areas. Still, no one seriously ever had their bodies mutilated, developed PTSD or anything like those from going to court. Court cases are not wars of knife fights, they are CIVIL ways of resolving specific matters.

Now I could see where someone else may view what I say as Political Correctness or something like it. Well, it is not, just my own personal view and choice of something I am honestly fed up with given that, in my view, it contributes to a decline overall of non-military society that should not be happening.

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