I am of no political party and I like it

When I was first able to vote in 1986, I was not that politically motivated and was quite disinterested in how many wanted to sway my beliefs one way or another. So I was not that into politics then thus did not look into it much and when it came time to register to vote, I simply checked off the same party my immediate family was believing I had to register with a party. Despite that, I avoided the subject and voting for a long time because of how annoying I found people who tried to persuade & pressure me into believing in their side of anything. I would listen at times but never went much towards anything since I like to form my own beliefs and was dealing with a bunch of personal issues that took up more of my time. Some people I knew who were more political than me were extremely pushy and I was really put off on how they treated me on various subjects, this is part of what made me delay any political activities.

After several years of avoiding politics to keep myself from being suckered, I found myself in the US Army during the period of January 1995 – 1999 and things I encountered there did not match what I expected, this included how politics was affecting the services and how the reality as seen from a soldier’s viewpoint was much different than that of a civilian. In a future blog I will clarify these things using language civilians understand better, this too will be explained.

During this time is when I quietly began getting involved and started voting. I had been forming opinions and beliefs of my own since when I registered but started voting only when I felt I was ready to do so without the pressures of other people’s beliefs and when I had less personal issues to deal with. Since I left, I slowly got more active in discussions ensuring I was pushed by others as little as possible.

When I got really active in 2010, this was when I took stock of my collected political positions and found I was not a Republican but I also knew I was not a Democrat. There is this notion in the United States you have to be in one of the Big Two parties because of their large influence and voter blocks but legally you are not required to be. I took the time to look into active third parties in my state but found none that I agreed with. I noticed on the voter registration form in New York one of the choices was to check I DO NOT WISH TO ENROLL IN A PARTY in section 13 (currently) along with the choices for the 5 parties with the most influence and a box for Other for the various third parties not mentioned. I was extremely happy to check the box starting with I DO NOT WISH…. since I could not find a third party for me, I seem to be more centrist and there were not many known centrist parties active in the state, the Independent Party is a joke based off how they behave.

So I am now essentially my own party, a party of one with no requirement to be beholden to any party ideology, only my own beliefs that I ensure cannot be imposed upon. Wish I knew all this back when I first started in 1986.

I am not saying people have to do exactly as I did but if you do find yourself in a similar situation, see if you can do the same thus freeing yourself to be you and possibly improve your life.

Until next blog when I have completed one of several I have unfinished.

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