Strange People Who Use Multiple User IDs plus Stalking and Those Who Brag About It

There are some strange people out there who have this belief about using multiple user IDs on various sites. I have seen some in online games, I forget their reason for it but it is just too strange to me that someone would create a whole new account to play the same game they already did. Even worse are the ones who create more than one used ID on a place like a news site and use them all at the same time.

One example website I have found this on is my local news site, I post there sometimes on stories though less so than I used to. There is a person who once posted under the ID Crapgame who later went on to create multiple user IDs, I stopped counting between 15-20, and even at times had full blown conversations with himself. I also once described here another user, Seal444, who spent time holding the site hostage through overzealous deletion of things he did not like with no regard to who he offended even those who once agreed with him on certain subjects. Now it has been revealed that Seal444 has another ID, Sailor666, gee what a surprise. It has been suspected for some time they were the same person based on postings and their shared user ID format, a name supposedly relating to what they did plus a 3 digit number, the first claiming to have been a Navy SEAL, the second just an ordinary sailor. Sadly, their behavior does not fit that of any military servicemen except those in need of professional help.

The revelation was done with proof as I see it in a news story, I will link to it but be warned there have been complaints of this site causing some people problems, so if you feel like trying the proof is in this story here. I will also post a picture below showing the specific part of the comments.

SILive Stalker Threat

The comment outlined in blue is myself, I was dismissing Sailor666/Seal444 specifically referring to something he did once before. Back just before the failed Operation American Spring protest that took place in May 2014, there was a user posting in support of it and Sailor666/Seal444 openly posted he would commit acts of violence against anyone trying to harm ‘his President.’

Sailor666/Seal444’s comments then reflected a piss poor view of his country. First, he was openly posting he had no faith in the Secret Service who everyone knows are the primary protectors of the President. Second, he openly threatened violence against people for holding a protest he disagreed with. I have seen many a protest I do not support but have never threatened violence against people for protesting. Third, he claims he does not like our current Representative in the US House Michael Grimm one reason being his now infamous threat to throw a reporter off a balcony for asking a question, well Sailor666/Seal444’s comment threatening violence against the protestors was very much like Mr. Grimm’s threat despite Sailor666/Seal444 being from the opposing political party and claiming he wanted nothing to do with such behavior. Fourth, for someone who claims he wants a better image of Staten Island, he should be more concerned with the one he presents of himself since by posting, he is one of many representing through his comments.

Now let us look at his response I outlined in red. This is where Sailor666/Seal444 gave himself away as the same user with 2 IDs. Back when I posted about Seal444, I did mention how Seal444 was making public knowledge some ‘factual’ information about me. Well, just like his alternate ID, Sailor666/Seal444 has screwed up again.

1 – He claims I work as a stock person at Macy’s. Well, if you are logged in and view my Facebook profile from the link on the right side here, you could see I have not worked there or in stock since August 2003, over a decade ago.

2 – He claims personal knowledge of me in a manner clearly meant to degrade and lower me. The problems here are A) there are others who live with their older parents due to their needs and conditions, are they lesser people for doing that because surely I could not be the only one; B) the no girlfriend claim is irrelevant and poorly represents Staten Island also especially from someone like Sailor666/Seal444 who claims to be tolerant and favors equal treatment.

3 – He says I question his service in the Navy. Well, of course since I served in the Army and I know attitudes such as his on so many points are not tolerated so either he is like one other Staten Islander I met or he is faking being in the service. I did once meet another Staten Islander in person who said he served in the Navy but left because he hated it, he never clarified under what conditions he left naval service.

Sailor666/Seal444 basically is behaving like a stalker and thinks he is going to shame me by posting such information online failing to realize how much he is screwing himself over rather than myself plus adding to the negative image of Staten Islanders. There are some jerks and other bad types here as well as some good folks, sadly this guy with his multiple IDs is not one of them. Someday when I get to do it right, I will write up blogs about the real Staten Island in all its complexity, it is not the simplified image seen on some TV shows and stories.

So Sailor666/Seal444 joins the ranks of the low class of people representing Staten Island publicly through social media, there is a reason some residents have a sarcastic line about this borough of New York City. “Staten Island, keepin’ it classy,” is the saying, always said about those who poorly represent this borough in any manner as Sailor666/Seal444 have through their behavior. Even more ironic, this is the same user who also posted the following in the exact same story not far below the pictured comments:

I’ve seen plenty of people with Grimm stickers on the back of their cars throwing garbage out their car windows and double parking, running stop signs and other nice acts of disgust and disdain, all republican Grimm voters.

You won’t see a Democrat do any of those vile things, because we’re better people than Republicans, which is why we want you all gone, move down South where the rest like you live, carry your guns in K-mart and hate minorities, we don’t want you here!

Unfortunately for him, Republicans are not the only ones who engage in such activity. It matter not the sticker on the car, the bad behavior he mentions can be found all over with no discrimination between politics, race, religion, sex or other possible means. He has no proof other than his biased opinion when anyone who spends time around here and pays attention knows better than to believe him. Heck, a good chunk of what he posts sounds very much like the white racist Democrats I know lived on this Island back in the 1980s, it is amazing how some of these ‘modern’ Democrats have such blinders on. More on that at a future time.

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