They got the flag wrong

I am sure by now you have heard about the ‘big controversy’ regarding the Confederate flag in South Carolina. Here’s the details left out of all the news coverage.

1 – The flag being discussed is not actually the Confederate flag. Look it up, there were 3 Confederate flags that were actual national flags of the Confederate states. The first had a blue box with a circle of stars, one for each Confederate state, and 3 stripes, 2 red and 1 white. It was a mix of influences from America and Empire of Austria. The second had what is now being discussed but only as a small box in the upper left with the rest white. Third was like the second except the upper left box was bigger and a red stipe horizontal was on the right.

2 – The flag being discussed is a battle flag made during the time of the first Confederate flag that was so similar to the Union flag, Confederate troops (and I will bet Union) got confused and went to enemy forces thinking they were friendlies. This battle flag eliminated that confusion.

3 – The flag being discussed was made popular again in the early 20th century first by soldiers in wars such as WWI and WWII then later in entertainment (music, TV, movies, etc.) as a symbol of pride for those who reside in the southeastern USA region no matter what their color was. It also became a symbol of rebellion regarding issues of that period that had nothing to do with slavery.

Heck, just use a image search engine and look up ‘blacks confederate flag.’ You will find a lot of blacks shown proudly holding the battle flag making you wonder why there is this big issue claiming it has to do with slavery only. Basically all this is is a bunch of people with an agenda riding a wave of populism since the incidents of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and some others that made the news to push an agenda that is out of touch and not really there. It is really annoying especially since the Garner one is in my borough and as a resident of 40 years here, I can say for certain many details of Staten Island got ignored and screwed over by the media. Stuff like this lowers the intelligence of those who follow and agree with what they are seeing not doing any research themselves into details that are left out.

Now it has pervaded not only government talk, it is affecting non-government. I read recently Lynard Skynard said they would stop using this flag in connection with their music until Skynard fans rebelled forcing the band to take back their position. There are stories of how it should be removed from all country music.

More on media twisting regarding the Garner case to come.

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