Great Kills Park radiation

I remember going there in the 70s. Going to the public beach that has been relocated west of where it was. Venturing into the Lower New York Bay water and feeling something pinch me, I never went into ocean water around here since. Watching relatives and other fish off the bulkhead on the south side of Great Kills Harbor. Biking along the roadway leading into the park and seeing horseshoe crabs on the sand.

Today it has been about a decade since the first discovery there. Eight years since they detected radium at a local federal park, Great Kills Park in Staten Island, New York, part of the Gateway Recreation Area.

The work is unfinished.

Original discovery of a radium spot happened in 2005 and the cause, a piece of old medical equipment, was removed. Two years later they found 5 more locations, more removal from these sites. Another two years, they find more contaminated spots forcing a closure of part of the park. Since then until today, about half the park is fenced off and closed including a few ballfields, a model airplane field, one of the roads. All of these closures are due to the radium they have found and are looking for more of. People have asked for information but it has been trickling out while these fenced off areas go unattended so they are not only unused but also unattended.

In the pictures I took recently, the ballfields for example have wild growth growing all over due to lack of maintenance  Some of the closing makes no sense at all, in one spot I found the south part of Bulkhead Road closed but a trail end nearby was open. Also, the maps provided online show the closed area in the northwestern part yet the same fences with similar warning signs block off portions of the park not mapped for radium.

What really annoys me is the slow process of it all. Several years of work and still little word of what is going on with no end in sight. This is radium and radiation, I would think it would get some priority better than this.

Now the government shuts down thus shutting down the park and all this radium work. Thanks for nothing.

Latest local news story on this long standing problem.

Some pictures of fenced off areas.

Gateway 1Gateway 2Gateway 3Gateway 4Gateway 5Gateway 6Gateway 7Gateway 8Gateway 9

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