‘Big Al’ Sharpton Rides Again

Once again Rev. Sharpton is claiming the 60s are back again.

Actual story is two groups of kids meet in Mariners Harbor in Staten Island. For those who do not know, Mariners Harbor is one of the problem neighborhoods of Staten Island, has been for decades. Each group is there to support one member of the groups. The two are having an argument over a girl. This meeting escalates into a fight and during this, a kid named Dayshen McKenzie is running from other kids. McKenzie suffers from asthma and he has an asthma attack while being chased that causes him to die.

Good ol’ ‘Big Al’ doesn’t wait for full details, he hears of McKenzie being black and pursuers using words not liked, Big Al cries racism and wants to jump straight to federal investigations. However as the story details develop, it becomes clear there is no racial component to the story, instead it is described as two gangs having a meet.

Now my take as a 40 year resident here is this.

I once had something like this happen to someone. They were in a relationship and one day he found out she had another boyfriend. Since like some people both these guys believed in having on one relationship, they arranged to meet and settle what was going on. For some reason, the other guy was having friends with him so my friend thought he need some people along in case things got out of hand. My other friends and myself go along for this meet.

They meet near a school where my friend and the guy get together to talk out what is happening while everyone else just stands around waiting to see. One friend goes over to what looks like a sculpture made out of telephone poles on the school playground and decides to climb up to the top. There was no easy way to get there so he climbs it by wrapping his arms and legs around the pole and shimmies up then sits on the highest pole. Later someone said this freaked out the other guy’s friends.

After talking, my friend and the other guy decided that they were being played by the woman. For whatever reason, the other guy wanted to stay with her but my friend was not interested in this type of behavior and wanted out. No fight or anything else happened.

The point of my story is it has some similarities to this incident Sharpton complained about. Thing is in this recent one, it appears the men involved could not work things out and a fight started that escalated out of hand. This seems to happen a lot, just go to YouTube and search for, “Fight over woman,” and, “Fight over man.” Some people feel proud and glorify this behavior. In my view, a good portion of responsibility for what happened here belongs on the two men in the argument, they could have resolved this in a manner with no violent outcome just like my friend and that other guy did.

Also if these two groups in the recent incident were gangs, gangs are known to be racist since every gang today only accepts those of their own race and acts hostile towards other gangs, then any racism is the fault of all who attended and they should all be treated that way. Why is Sharpton not addressing that? He’s been ignoring it for a long time.

This incident also happened in Mariners Harbor, a known problem neighborhood for years. It does not help that the city has over time decreased the amount of police on the NYPD, in the past decade the number has shrunk by about 5,000 while the city population grows. With an increasing population while the police number stays constant comes the potential for more crime related problems to occur with a worse response. There’s another thing Sharpton will not address.

Add in the fact that in this borough incidents that people of all races consider racial have happened where the victims were not black, another thing Sharpton never talks about. Then add in the false comparison to the 1986 story of Micheal Griffith in Howard Beach, Queens.

It is pretty clear to many people of all races who live here that Sharpton is a one trick story only caring when the perception of white on black racial incidents occur even if it means covering up the truth. I have no idea what federal agency he thinks will look into this, I have asked around and gotten no answer. I would like to know so I can contact them myself and tell them why this is not racial as I did here, I am one of many that has had enough of the false public perception placed on this borough by figures like Sharpton.

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