What I do not like about MechWarrior Online, done with it

Well, been playing this for about 4 years but am now done with it as of April, 2016. Like any game, it has its fans and critics plus everyone in between. Given criticism of it, I feel it is time to list mine. Not completely listed by priority, the last 4 are not really sorted.

#1 – Negative Social Experience

This only really cropped up for me since Fall/Winter 2015, prior to that there had been problems but not as pronounced as from Fall/Winter 2015 on. After Fall/Winter 2015, several problems cropped up.

First was the massive increase of players who complained on a loss, this showed up with the change to the new Tier system. Over time, I came across more and more people who complained loudly on the in game VOIP when the team I was on lost, some complaints even went so far as idiots demanding that the rest of the team not have children because they lost a fucking video game. Really. Another more popular complaint were the people who complained about how others played, usually the complainers were the ones who died first and refused to leave the match to play another in a different Mech. No, they had to use the Mech they just died in so they hung around and complained instead of going off somewhere to wait without being all pissed off.

Then there’s the Forums, again over time they had problems, but since Fall/Winter 2015, it just got worse, especially how certain players wanted to use their rank as a way to force others to only play by the small group of ranked players beliefs. No product sells well by appealing to a small sized group. Increased use of politics has also made it worse, if I wanted to play politics, I would either be in a political game or news topics. Political stuff is even more insane given how foolish a number of people are thinking the current Presidential race in the USA is real.

This pretty much killed it for me, everything else is a criticism that I could live with though valid.

#2 – No Chat Filter.

There is no filtering of language in chat, instead you have the option to turn it off. Some push others to do this but there is a portion of players who only communicate by chat so without it, they cannot talk to their own team.

#3 – Lack of Tactical Thinking by Some Community Members.

This sometimes relates to #1. One outstanding moment was when some guy tried giving orders to the team and started screaming like a lunatic for the team to push around a corner. The ‘12 man Deathball Push’ has become way too popular

#3 – PUG Matches.

This is all that has been available most of the time. There is no single player experience that some other games have allowing people to become more comfortable with the controls in a more forgiving environment than PvP. The few objective oriented battles, most do not fight for the objective, almost all matches turn into Deathmatch type fights, sometimes if you try to go by objective, your own team will treat you like crap for it. Private matches exist in free and pay form but it can be a problem getting enough people since you need full 12 man teams for free.

#4 – Lack of n00b Friendly Area & Tutorials.

No area for new people to train and learn in away from more experienced opponents. Tutorials have been pretty sparse, the first was just for movement. It was later modified into a better one but still lacked some things.

#5 – Equipment Balance.

Still an ongoing issue, some weapons just do not make people want to use them. Certain Mechs are not given adjustments needed to make them worth using while others go too far. Some other equipment serves little purpose or does not outweigh the benefits that popular equipment has. While ECM got downgraded about the time I left, it was still overdone combining a few different pieces of tech into one.

#6 – Too Many Battlemechs, Not Enough Content.

Too many things to get over time give the game a PokeMech feeling while some other areas should have been priority for needed work. A counter argument typically made that the artists needed to do something did not really fly, there were other areas needing work that artists could work on such as map fixes, texture improvement, cosmetic items. Since the business model made buying Mechs the main cash generator, this problem never went away. Needed were some more map variety, alternate mission objectives and major fixes to Community Warfare.

#7 – Store Design Needs Work.

Some elements of the store could be made more user friendly.

#8 – Speed Seems a Bit Off.

Compared to previous MechWarrior games that made you feel like you were in a walking tank, this felt more like an armored person. I didn’t come here for Halo or anything similar.

#9 – Graphics.

There have been graphical issues, some have been fixed yet there are problems remaining. Invisible objects that allow people to look at hidden enemies though the objects are made invisible due to graphics settings and distance.

#10– Timeline Issues.

Starting from 3050 was a bad idea to me, while considered popular it also has to worst balance issues as seen from how many changes have had to be made from the TT rules. There have also been fudges, CW map always starts from a 3050 perspective yet there have been some modifications to bring in later Mechs.

So I have been done with this for quite some time especially due to #1. Seriously, when people are flying off the handle over losing a fucking video game, they have problems. Whenever I lost, sure there were times I did not like it but I did not take it out on the whole team and make dumb comments about people’s personal lives over it.

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