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This is a site created for ramblings and thoughts that I do not mind making public, also sometimes to work on writing when I can.

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  1. elena says:

    Hi Eric-
    just an FYI, in case you are in need of a subject for your next “rant”
    regarding you brief foray into the world of feral cat colony caretaking (your shot of the sign at Lemon Creek Park on SI) – please take a look at our website here, should you be inclined:

    In the two and a half years since the Advance article mentioned below was written, so much has happened for the free-roaming cat population and the community itself on SI…as a registered 501(c)3 organization, the Staten Island Feral Initiative is now an active force on SI, with 500 members, frequent training workshops right on the island, and a comprehensive SI-targeted website available to the public. The program resources have also come a long way – we now have multiple local SI vets participating in the free spay/neuter program as well as the ASPCA, HSNY, and the Toby Project. However the city itself still remains shamefully impotent in the area of public education and assistance in this issue, and it is left to us “out-of-pocket” folks to do the best we can for our neighborhoods.

    With another kitten season bearing down upon us in NY, I would love to see an up to date article written in the Advance on feral and stray cats in the community, and the resources available to address the overpopulation – a subject that directly affects so many SI residents.



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