Should I do a video channel?

Back again after some time away.

One of the things I have watched is how people do video shows mainly on YouTube. I have spent some time learning this and have a channel for Video games I play, not many following now but sometimes it starts slow.

I have seen different types of channels such as video games, news, commentary and some others. Some of the news & commentary channels are interesting especially when they show you things not seen on TV news & commentary that presents a different view. If you watch TV, you tend to think in politics there is no way to get beyond partisan politics but watching social media, you see there are decent folk, dirtbags and dumbasses on both sides. Some of those claiming to be journalists go through problems doing what they choose while trying to make a living off of their work. Commentary only shows are sometimes good to see for different views outside the stereotypes.

So other than a video gaming channel, what else could I do? I have thought about one involving where I live in Staten Island, NY. There are a huge number of false perceptions and things misunderstood about this place that I admit I would like to clear up. I have at times sent messages to sites and people reporting fake information about here as well as using this blog to put out such information as well. I view making a video channel as a next step is this, one focused on pushing aside the lies out there with truth, good, bad & ugly.

On the negative side is the changes YouTube is going through especially when it comes to politics. First there was the ‘Adpocalypse’ where advertisers wanted ads pulled from videos whose content they do not agree with. Another step is YouTube creating Shadowbanning status called ‘limited state’ for videos of questionable quality. They also have the strange way they will demonetize videos for some reason they really do not explain, I had this happen to two of my gaming ones, one got fixed but I think the other is still ‘being punished.’ They claim this is all to clamp down on hate speech, while there may be some on YouTube (I have seen references and links but never viewed any), not all of what YouTube is going after fits that category.

I have heard so far one person refer to other sites for video content of non-gaming type such as Vimeo, Vidme and Minds. This is due to concerns YouTube is going to become a politically biased site. You can find various videos on YouTube of channel owners talking about the YouTube concerns. I am left at in a place right now trying to figure out if I should bother continuing to pursue doing more YouTube content, just switching over to another of these channel providers or even doing more than one platform. Would be nice if there was a place to discuss all this, the only one I heard of was YouTube’s VidCon and that requires having money to get to plus there seems to be way too much drama happening between some of the channel providers.

Hopefully I can get more information, if anyone knows anything, please leave comments below.

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